A Few of Our Favorite Femmes. (Artist: Bianca Nozaki-Nasser) - 18x24 Poster

A Few of Our Favorite Femmes. (Artist: Bianca Nozaki-Nasser) - 18x24 Poster


Designed by Bianca Nozaki-Nasser for the 2019 Artwork for Equity Advocacy Campaign.

This poster and postcards are my first attempt at digital illustration. The work highlights 12 different contemporary femmes of color whose work is rooted in racial liberation.

Mark C. Aguhar was an activist, writer and multimedia fine artist known for her multidisciplinary work about gender, beauty and existing as a filipinx, body positive, transgender femme.

Shamita Das Dasgupta is an Asian Indian scholar, activist, wife, and mother. A social activist since the early 1970s, she co-founded Manavi in 1985. It is the first organization of its kind that focuses on violence against South Asian women in the United States.

Blair Imani is a Black queer American Muslim activist. She is the founder and executive director of Equality for HER, a nonprofit educational platform for feminine-identifying individuals.

Bamby Salcedo is the founder of the Los Angeles-based TransLatin@ Coalition, an organization formed by Trans Latin@ immigrant leaders who have come together to organize and advocate for the needs of Trans Latin@s who are immigrants and reside in the US.

Ericka Hart is a Black Queer Femme activist, writer, highly acclaimed speaker, and award-winning sexuality educator.

Sherrill Elizabeth Tekatsitsiakawa “Katsi” Cook is a Mohawk Native American midwife, environmentalist, Native American rights activist, and women's health advocate.

Haunani-Kay Trask is a Hawaiian nationalist, educator, political scientist, author, and professor emeritus at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Thenmozhi Soundararajan is a Dalit rights activist based in the United States of America. She is also a transmedia storyteller, songwriter, hip hop musician, and technologist.

Merle Woo is a Chinese-American academic, poet and activist who has been described as "a leading member of the Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party".

bell hooks is an award-winning Black radical feminist writer and speaker.

Alice Wong is a disability rights activist and the founder of the Disability Visibility Project.

Sonalee Rashatwar is an award-winning social worker, sex therapist, adjunct lecturer, and grassroots organizer.

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Bianca Nozaki-Nasser is an Asian-Arab-American, designer, strategist, and educator living in Los Angeles, California. Currently, she is a design/product strategist for 18millionrising.org and maintains a research through design practice to develop products, services, and creative media that center and expand multiracial perspectives. Her work has been shown at the University of Maryland Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference, the Allied Media Conference, and UXPALA World Usability Day. She is a co-founder of the Antiracist Classroom, an initiative to counteract racism and white supremacy in design education and practice, and a core organizer at amwa, a collective of women-identifying and non-binary pan-asian pacific islander art workers. Bianca has an M.A. in Media Design Practices from the ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena and her B.A. in Communication from the University of Southern California.