A Better Life for All. (Artist: Samantha Becker)

A Better Life for All. (Artist: Samantha Becker)


Designed by Samantha Becker for the 2019 Artwork for Equity Advocacy Campaign.

"A Better Life for All" focuses on the visual history of Apartheid in South Africa. The geometric and cut-out shapes are drawn from grassroots protest posters of the era, and the slogan was Nelson Mandela and the ANC's slogan for his 1994 presidential campaign. This poster celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela while urging us to push further towards true equality.

All posters will be mailed at the end of the special Artwork for Equity sale on April 15, 2019.

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Samantha is a visual designer and activist working to educate, empower, and unite people for social change.