What is the role of creative problem solving and entrepreneurial thinking in advocating for inclusive and equitable communities?

Using Creative Reaction Lab's Equity-Centered Design Process, students, activists, nonprofit leaders, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and the common person alike can develop innovative and impactful approaches challenging systemic issues. 

Why should you bring a LEADERS FOR COMMUNITY ACTION AND EQUITY program to your school, company, or community?

  1. To learn about, and begin to practice, the Equity-Centered Community Design process.
  2. To cultivate creative leadership and new approaches to building community relationships.
  3. To better understand the role of diversity, inclusion, humility, and equity in community engagement and community-centered design.
  4. To practice using co-creation and power-sharing tools and methods that highlight civic leadership and community engagement to challenge real-world issues.
  5. To transform ideas into actions by safely developing and testing community-led approaches to current company, school, agency, or community challenges.
Workshops are available between 1.5 and 8 hours.

Mark your calendars!
We are hosting a public Leaders for Community Action and Equity Workshop in St. Louis on September 18 from 6-8:30 PM.
More details coming soon.