In the Leaders for Community Action and Equity workshop series, participants learn how to apply the Equity-Centered Community Design framework to examine the ways they design inclusive and equitable outcomes. 

In each customized workshop, Creative Reaction Lab facilitators guide participants through highly interactive activities, dialogue, planning, and reflection. 

Our workshops are geared toward training adults in practicing the Equity-Centered Community Design framework within current-state industries, including but not limited to health and healthcare, education, media, and government and public service.


  • Define key terms including community, leader, community leader, design, humility, and power, and explore how these core terms relate to equity and community engagement.

  • Collaboratively explore community assets, beliefs, and values by co-designing ideal communities.

  • Examine the roles that diversity, inclusion, equality, equity, and power play in developing interventions and solutions when addressing systemic inequities.

  • Examine how assumptions, biases, and blind spots shape intervention and solution development when addressing systemic inequities, and discuss how to apply tools and practices within Equity-Centered Community Design to challenge these views.


  • Liberation x Design Game
  • Designing and (Re-Designing) the Ideal Community
  • The Table of Collaboration: examining power, values, and expertise
  • The Power Spectrum: examining individual, relational and institutional power
  • The Paseo Protocol: examining identity, biases, and decision-making impacts
  • Designing the Invitation: including diverse stakeholders into decision-making processes

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