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In the Equity by Design Immersive Series, participants learn how to apply the Equity-Centered Community Design framework to examine the ways they can design more inclusive and equitable outcomes. 

Creative Reaction Lab facilitators will guide participants through highly interactive activities, dialogue, planning, and reflection about power, identity, social equity, and community design over the course of a weekend.* This public-facing series is geared toward those seeking an introduction and deeper dive into the application of Equity-Centered Community Design framework within current-state industries, including but not limited to: health and healthcare, education, media, and government and public service.

In pursuit of our mission, our breadth work supports these institutions to provoke more intention and action toward equitable practices and organizational culture not only so they begin to make the shift now, but also so that they are prepared to support young Equity Designers who are on the rise. Past attendees of Equity by Design Immersives have included folx from grassroots organizations, local government departments, large corporations, universities, health care systems, and design firms among others.


In 20 hours of programming over the course of 3 days, attendees explore the role of Self, the Community, and finally Self in Community. Each Immersive has a Topic for Practice relevant to the hosting community through which attendees practice application of Equity-Centered Community Design. For example, in Oakland we focused on Gentrification + Housing Displacement and in New York City we focused on Mass Incarceration.

We are intentional in stating that Equity by Design Immersives are opportunities for learning and we consider the space a classroom for us all. The activities that we do are in the interest of modeling and practice and are not intended to support implementation of the prototypes designed that weekend, as this would not be in alignment with the Equity-Centered Community Design process.

The general timeline of an Equity by Design Immersive is as follows:

Day 1: 2:00PM - 8:30PM (Self: exploring identity, humility, and power; foundations of ECCD)
Day 2: 9:00AM - 6:00PM (Community: history + healing; Living Expert panel; ideation, rapid prototyping, testing + learning)
Day 3: 9:00AM - 1:00PM (Self + Community: team presentations, planning and goal-setting for the future, understanding our roles and mission)

We hope you’ll join us at an upcoming Immersive!


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*Please note that participation in this series does not indicate certification to formally train others in ECCD and is instead intended to support participants in cultivating this mindset and practice in themselves and others in their communities. If you are interested in certification, please keep an eye out for further engagement opportunities being developed in the near future!