Local Advisory Council, Design to Better [Our City] (Volunteer)

We're looking for Local Advisory Council Members in St. Louis, MO.

The Local Advisory Council is the advisory committee for Design to Better [Our City], a civic engagement and leadership development program for Black and Latinx youth. Local Advisory Council members will ensure the relevancy, sustainability, and authenticity of Design to Better [Our City] by fulfilling the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Assist with research and integration of local history and policies in program curriculum as it relates to city-wide racial inequities and Black and Latinx cultures within the community
  • Assist with community partner recruitment and cultivation, including community outreach, school partnership, and sponsorship support
  • Interview and select annual cohort of program
  • Ambassadorship of Design to Better [Our City] and youth participants
  • Sponsor at least one youth participant in Design to Better [Our City] Program*
  • Attend annual Local Advisory Council Meeting and IMPTXDESIGN Gala

*As some schools will not have the capacity to financially support the inclusion of their students in the program, Local Advisory Council’s contributions will ensure that all students selected to participate in the program will have the ability to do so.

Additional Engagement Opportunities

  • After-school meeting with youth mentee at Local Advisory Council Member’s office space
  • Dinner with youth mentee at annual IMPTXDESIGN Gala
  • nvitation to attend and participate in any program session, including staff/mentors facilitation training, community pitches and the summer showcase/block party

Financial Contribution

  • Sponsor at least one youth participant in the school-year Design to Better [Our City] Program ($1000 per student per year OR $83.33 a month)
  • urchase at least one ticket to annual IMPTXDESIGN Gala (estimated cost of $125)

More About: Design to Better [Our City]

Design to Better [Our City] is an entrepreneurial and action-learning civic engagement program that challenges Black and Latinx high school youth to advance racial equity where they live through creative problem solving, cultural history and healing, civic leadership, and entrepreneurship. With education and training in a holistic, workforce-development model, local youth design healthier and more inclusive communities by co-creating with traditionally underrepresented communities—progressing solutions to local disparities while building participants’ creative confidence and professional competencies. Learn more about Design to Better [Our City].


To join the Local Advisory Council, please send a resume/LinkedIn profile URL and letter of interest to acarroll@creativereactionlab.com. Please include “Local Advisory Council” in the subject line.