Cultural Advisor (Volunteer)

With our focus on addressing the inequities and injustices of the Black and Latinx communities, we believe that representation and expertise matters. To stay abreast of current injustices within these communities, while continually building our competencies of current and historical policies and programs disproportionately impacting these communities of color, we are reliant on individuals with extensive knowledge (through education or experience) to guide us.

As a Cultural Advisor, your duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Provide access to academic research and/or real-world anecdotes regarding injustices and inequities impacting the Black and Latinx communities (If you deem the research important, we will too.)

  • Review and edit our visual content and publications for cultural accuracy and sensitivity

  • Submit articles and/or videos for Creative Reaction Lab's Equal Space: Online Publication

  • Provide feedback on organizational and programmatic evaluation and impact measurements

  • Other duties based on interest


If you're interested in assuming a Cultural Advisor Role, submit the following to

  1. Letter of Interest

  2. Resume or URL to LinkedIn Profile

  3. Area of expertise: Black, Latinx, Both

  4. (Optional) Supplemental Materials, such as published articles, video interviews, press, etc.

  5. (Optional) Brief Bio